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Read below to know what to expect for your upcoming Picture Day


Students will be taking two sets of pictures--Yearbook and Cap & Gown

For Yearbook, female students will wear the traditional velvet drape and hold a rose for Yearbook photos. For underneath the shared velvet drape, girls should wear off the shoulder tops for efficiency. Jewelry is optional.

Male students will wear the traditional tuxedo shirt, jacket, and bow-tie for Yearbook photos. For underneath these shared pieces, boys should wear a plain dark T-shirt without logos.

Non-binary students are welcomed to select whichever garment they prefer. 


For Cap & Gown pictures, the school will provide the appropriate cap and gown color based on gender. 

Each student is given 3-4 poses during their session. Then, they view and select their favorite image in real time on Picture Day. You will receive your printed images in January.


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